Verbosity Online

The Game Rules

The Game Rules

Spin The Spinner
Move Your Token
Find The Coins
Win The Game!!!


The first player to collect all of the randomly hidden 'Cosmic Coins' and successfully takes them to the Redemption Cell wins the game.

How Energy Rings Work

Energy Rings allow the players to advance throughout the game. The number of rings a player holds determines how many spaces the player may move. The maximum number of rings a player may hold is five (5). Players earn energy rings by gaining access to the spinner and answering PERMISSION QUERY and REVIEW QUERY questions correctly. A player loses an Energy Ring when: 1) DROP RING is spun on the Spinner; 2) another player plays a DROP RINGS card; 3) another player jumps over a stationary player; or 4) another player lands on the same cell occupied by a player.

Verbosity Stars

Collect all nine (9) VERBOSITY Stars to achieve VERBOSITY Immunity. VERBOSITY offers immunity to a player and prevents the loss of ENERGY RINGS under any circumstance EXCEPT if a PERMISSION or REVIEW QUERY is missed. Other players can not take ENERGY RINGS or cause the player with 'VERBOSITY' to lose rings. A player is even immune to the Spinner landing on DROP RINGS.

Redemption Cell

The dual-checkered flags identify the final cell to reach once all Cosmic Coins are found. The Redemption Cell can be revealed at any time. The player who reaches the Redemption Cell with all the Coins wins.

Cosmic Coin Cell

Games cells with circles embedded in them hold Cosmic Coins. Finding all of the Cosmic Coins is the goal of the game! There are five (5) Coins, each a different color: White, Red Green Blue Yellow. The chosen game length determines how many Coins are to be found. Once found, Cosmic Coins don't relocate; they remain in place so that other players can strategically pick them up.

HINT: Stationary cells give hints that there may be a possible coin there.

Draw Card Cell

A card is taken from the top of the deck. The instructions are immediately carried out.


Player receives a VERBOSITY letter

Drop Energy Rings

The player drawing this card plays the card against another player, forcing that player to lose all of the rings accumulated.


The player's token must exchange positions with the token of any other player on the board.

Free Spin

The player is allowed to spin again.

Spinning 3 Lose Turns (or Drop Rings) grants ALL ACCESS, which allows selection of any cell on the board!

Day Dreamers (When enabled)
Players not paying attention when to take their turn are skipped!